Monday, August 3, 2009

Its been so long

I really should update this more often. Well, anyway, updates since the last post include my having beaten SO4 and enjoyed it, my having gotten a Wii thus completing the trifecta of consoles, and my having gotten a new computer and being in debt pretty bad because of it. Im currently paying back my credit card and it will be a few months more until Im free of that. In the meantime, school is starting up soon and Ill buy new books and whatnot.

Essentially, the message Im trying to get across is that Im pretty much flat broke as far as anime expenses go. Ill buy Phantom Brave Wii on Friday when I get paid again but aside from that, I wont be growing my figure collection very much.

On other news, I just finished reading The Dreaming Void by Peter F. Hamilton. Ill have to grab the sequel ASAP (Ill splurge on it. :D) Its totally worth it. So yeah, good stuff. I cant wait until I can have access to the Unisphere, err, I mean, the Internet from anywhere via my head. ^^

Until next time, sayonara! Alex out!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

New member of my gaming family

I have acquired some new gaming equipment, an Xbox360. I decided to get a Pro since Star Ocean 4 is coming out for that system and as a first game I got Infinite Undiscovery (which Im enjoying very much.) With so many horror stories of the RROD circulating the net I wish tri-Ace had chosen the PS3. I hope I can avoid any tragedy.

I have my copy of SO4 preordered already and I have the day after it comes out off from work so I cant wait to play it.

Infinite Undiscovery is keeping me very entertained while I wait. Its another game by tri-Ace and which uses the same engine as SO4. My only problem is that some voice-acting sucks, though not all of it, and there are many points where the voices dont match the character's lip movements a la 1970s Kung-Fu movies. Hopefully SO4 wont have that problem.

Finally, I picked up Armored Core for Answers for my PS3 today but I havent played it much. It feels like AC4 with the addition of an explosive energy shield around the mech, but thats just my impression from five minutes of playing. Still, if its like AC4, it cant be boring.

Thats its for now. See ya!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Some stuff!

So, I finally have time to upload some new stuff including pictures of my figures and my computer setup.

First some info about the camera Im using to take these pictures... Im using a Blackberry Curve's built in 2 MP camera to take these pictures. I plan on getting a better camera sometime in the future but right now my Xbox360 and new computer are at the top of the "to buy" list. More on that 360 next week when I get it and Star Ocean 4. :D

So now, on the the pictures.

First up is a picture of my computer setup. Its an old computer with a Pentium IV processor and 1.25 GB of RAM running XP SP3. The laptop is newer with an AMD 64 AthlonX2 processor and 2 GB of RAM. It runs Vista.

Next are the figures I own. I have a few Figmas, three Revoltechs, and a lot of other random things. Depending on how I feel, I might post close up pics of some of them but right now its just a preview of my collection, if you will.

So there you have it, my figures from top shelf to bottom. I have the two Star Ocean 4 Play-Arts from Square-Enix pre-ordered already but they wont be coming out for a few months. When they arrive, Ill be sure to take some pictures and show some different poses and what not. Im sure Fayt and Sophia will want to meet Edge and Reimi from their long-ago history, too. :D

Until next time!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Initiating launch protocols - 3.. 2.. 1.. GO!

Welcome to the Eternal Cube, a blog by me, Alexeon. The name is a reference to the Star Ocean games (more like a parody) but explaining it would be a bit spoileriffic so I wont do that. Just know that as a joke its not very funny. ^^

So, who am I and what is this blog about? Well, I am called many things both in the physical realm and in the ether but for the purpose of this blog, I am your host, Alexeon Lanar, or just Alexeon. My consciousness occupies a (currently) 19 year old meat body but one day Ill get a better one. Maybe one of those new android models or just ditch the body and upload myself. That wont be for a while, though. Im currently studying Computer Science at a community college and plan to transfer to a bigger University in a few years. In the mean time I entertain myself by playing videogames and watching anime, which brings me to the point of this blog...

This blog will (hopefully) be a place for me to rant about videogames, specifically JRPGs, and anime Im currently or will in the future be watching. I also read a lot of science fiction novels so I may mention those here and there, too. There may be spoilers but I will be sure to mention that at the start of the post as a warning. I will also upload photos and give my thoughts on figures such as the Figma line and models like Gundam (though I dont build that many of those.)

But, ah, who am I kidding? Its not like Ill have any sort of readership anyway. In which case, I will just use this place to write up my thoughts and so I can call myself a blogger (hehe... bragging rights. )

Anyway, well see where it goes. I never made a blog before because I never thought I had something to say, but you know what? So what, with all the crap out there, my blog cant possibly be the worst.