Saturday, February 21, 2009

New member of my gaming family

I have acquired some new gaming equipment, an Xbox360. I decided to get a Pro since Star Ocean 4 is coming out for that system and as a first game I got Infinite Undiscovery (which Im enjoying very much.) With so many horror stories of the RROD circulating the net I wish tri-Ace had chosen the PS3. I hope I can avoid any tragedy.

I have my copy of SO4 preordered already and I have the day after it comes out off from work so I cant wait to play it.

Infinite Undiscovery is keeping me very entertained while I wait. Its another game by tri-Ace and which uses the same engine as SO4. My only problem is that some voice-acting sucks, though not all of it, and there are many points where the voices dont match the character's lip movements a la 1970s Kung-Fu movies. Hopefully SO4 wont have that problem.

Finally, I picked up Armored Core for Answers for my PS3 today but I havent played it much. It feels like AC4 with the addition of an explosive energy shield around the mech, but thats just my impression from five minutes of playing. Still, if its like AC4, it cant be boring.

Thats its for now. See ya!

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