Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kos-Mos figma

So now that Play Asia has opened pre-orders for the figure it looks like I have another way of going broke. And here I was getting worried.

Ill pre-order my Kos-Mos next week when I get paid. Ill probably buy Atelier Rorona by the end of the month, too. Happy birthday to me (this November)!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Early March Loot

So, I finally got my Fate Testarosa The Movie 1st Ver. Figma and I like it a lot. The older version looks great, of course, but this one looks a lot fiercer and looks great alongside the Movie Nanoha.

Some unpacking action... and now some posing action.
And finally, some displaying action.
I totally recommend this figure to any Fate or Nanoha series fan.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have gotten some loot over the last couple of days.

First and foremost, I got a digital camera, a Sony Cybershot DSC-W220. Using it, I have taken pictures of my other loot which includes White Knight Chronicles, Star Ocean 4 International, the guide for SO4 Int., and the Nanoha Takamachi Movie 1st version Figma.

I really like my new camera. The shots look really good. Here are a couple of shots taken with it.

And last but not least, a picture I took to test out the camera when I got it which I think came out pretty good.

So thats it, my loot for the week. I have Fate Testarosa Movie 1st Ver. preordered so Ill definitely post some pics of that when I get it.